Choosing A Phone Charger That Suits Your Needs


While all phones conveniently come with a free charger, this particular charger isn’t always the best option for your scenario or environment. Different chargers work better for different loads and different needs. There are all sorts of wall chargers, portable chargers and charging cases to choose from. This article will help you figure out what charger is best for you.

Traditional Included Chargers

A basic charger and cord is included with all smartphones. This charger is designed to charge the phone in a reasonable amount of time, but will not be reliable for instant charging. These chargers can take up to 4 hours to fully charge a phone in some cases, and are best for overnight charging.

High-powered Wall Chargers

Have a busy schedule that requires you to charge your phone in a short amount of time? Higher-powered wall chargers are available that are designed to charge your phone in as little as an hour. These chargers also can often charge more than one device at a time, typically up to 5. Anything that charges via a USB cable can be charged with it, allowing you to carry only one for your variety of portable devices.

Portable Chargers

Whether you’re taking a long-haul international flight across the world, taking a day trip to the amusement park, or going on a camping trip, chances are you’ve ran into a situation where you’ve had to be disconnected from the grid for an extended period of time. Years ago this would have presented an issue for any portable electronics you wished to bring along, but now, not so much. Large battery packs are available that act as portable chargers for your small electronics. These battery packs range in size and can usually charge at least two devices at once, or charge a single device multiple times in a row.

Charging Cases

If you only have a smart phone to worry about, a charging case may be a better option than a portable charger. Charging cases attach to your phone like any other case, and typically provide one full charge worth of battery power to your phone. They are a lot more convenient than portable chargers, and in many cases when you go to charge them, you can charge the phone and the case at the same time.

No matter what your circumstances are, there are plenty of solutions available to ensure that battery power is not a concern for you. Check out for great charging options.